The Revolution

The ultimate pleasure course for the rebel soul who’s ready to get out of her head so that she can feel safe and sexy in her body to have the pleasure filled life of her dreams. This is a 6 month group program for you to reclaim your sexuality, sensuality, pleasure and freedom. 


For the woman craving sexual liberation

You're here to be in your pleasure. To talk about the taboo things that are hushed by society. To fully embrace your wild side and be in her energy unapologetically. You feel deep in your body that your desires are fierce and unconventional. Maybe you’ve been called weird, rebellious, witchy, taboo.

Sound familiar?

If that’s you, this group is definitely for you. We’re going DEEP into your sex lives and your pleasure stories so that you can feel open and receptive to the sexy love that lives within your body. 

If you desire to feel more free to talk about sex in an open, inviting, non judgemental way - this is the program for you.

here for a reason


A woman in her pleasure is a woman in her power.

By the end of The revolution you'll : 


Feel confident in expressing your sexual needs/desires to yourself and your partner(s).

Have the words to request your desires and be unapologetic about it.

Feel your body’s needs so that you can ask for what you want with confidence. 

Get out of your head during sexual interactions and play in the pleasure of your body and your experience.

Create a deep relationship between your heart and pussy so that you can hear “yes” or “no” during sexual encounters.

Feel at home and safe within your body so that you are grounded in everything that you do.

Feel more pleasure in all areas of your life and know how to tap into that pleasure, when you need, with confidence.

Have a self pleasure practice that makes you feel like the sexy vixen you are.

You’re going to leave this program feeling so connected to your true sexual essence and the power that lives deep within your body. 
You are a force of love and sexiness.
You are unstoppable. 
You are unwavering in your needs and desires. 
You are unapologetically you, always. 
You are satisfied, sexually, sensually in all of your pleasure. 

And if you thought, “Fuck yes, I desire that” I invite you to join The Revolution.


This energy will transform all areas of your life

We’ve been taught from an early age that sex was wrong or bad or something to be ashamed of. When the truth is that sex/ sexuality and pleasure are essential parts of our lives. Maybe you’ve kept this part of you hidden and you feel now ready to let your freak flag fly.

Maybe you were like me, a Catholic school girl (k-12 for me) who questioned religion, relationships, sex and yet somehow wasn’t afraid to talk about it. 

Or maybe you were afraid to talk about sex but there is a part of you that desires a space where it is safe to speak about your deepest, darkest, boldest desires. 

Perhaps you’ve had friends who weren’t accepting when you shared your sexual adventures. 

A woman in her pleasure is a woman in her power

Join the revolution

This could have made you shut down sexually or feel shame or embarrassment and you’re looking to reclaim this confident sexy part of you so that you can bring that confidence with you to your relationship. 

Heck, you want this flirtatious sexy vibe in all areas of your life. Can I get a hell yeah? 

Of course this doesn't mean sharing this part of you with everyone, although that might be some of your paths. It just means that when you’re in a deeply trusted relationship with friends or with your partner, you can be open and honest about what you desire without feeling shame or guilt around it. 

How amazing would it feel to be fully who you are sexually? Unapologetically. In your current or next relationship? Just writing that feels like drippy pussy energy.💦

Your feelings are natural and normal and everyone has them. It’s so beautiful to watch a woman fully embody her pleasure. Not that she’s wearing lingerie and leather every day, but that she embodies her sexual essence and becomes a magnet for all of her desires! 

You're partnered and desire a deeper intimacy with your partner. Maybe you’re unsure how to ask for your desires or maybe you’re not even totally sure what your desires are.

You’re single and looking for good consistent sex and unsure how to ask for this without sounding slutty. I’ve been there.

You’re single and dating looking for love and know that you also desire a wild, adventurous, anything but vanilla sex life and crave clarity in assessing how to connect with someone on this level and meet them deeply with a loving heart.

This is for you if:

And maybe reading all of this makes you a little uncomfortable. That’s the point in this work to be uncomfortable AND to be able to have these kinds of conversations with your partner when you get to that point. FIRST you need to be able to have these conversations with yourself and figure out YOUR desires, turn ons and kinks. Which are all things we dive into during this program.

The intention behind our work together is to bring you into a closer relationship with yourself

Allow me to introduce myself

Hey babe, it’s Missy! I support independent women healing heartbreak through pleasure, breath and embodiment so that they can lean into pleasure and find the courage to live a free, authentic life. I went through training for breathwork and energy healing at the beginning of 2020 and have been working with clients since then. 

My love affair with breathwork began in 2018, when I devoted myself to the practice after attending a group session at a wellness conference. Since then my entire life has changed. In 2020, I had one of the most challenging times of my life: I filed for divorce. It was because of my breathwork training, continual self practice AND the fact that I began to cultivate community around healing, that I found the courage to listen to my heart and leave a marriage that hadn’t been working for years (maybe you can relate). In 2021 I began feminine embodiment work, studying pleasure and opening my heart to love in all facets. 

During our group gatherings, I’ll facilitate an embodied breathwork practice to bring you out of your head and into your body so that you can feel what’s working and not working in your life. Through the program you’ll make embodied shifts to heal your heartbreak and fall in love with yourself.

because of embodied breathwork practice: 

I realized my marriage wasn’t working and that I deserved more. So I filed for divorce and now have been happily divorced since March 2021.

I realized how important having a robust sex life is for me. I desire to learn about pleasure and help others feel empowered to admit they like the kinky side of thier life too.

I realized that alcohol was no longer serving me. So I quit drinking in August of 2019.
I began having heart centered awkward conversations with loved ones which brought us into closer, more connected relationships.

I decided it was time to leave LA, sell almost everything that I owned to nomad around the country for 6 months with my two dogs from May - Nov. 2022.

I trust the intuitive nudges my body sends me about dating, sex and relationships so that I can continue to call in the love of my life.

I know that it can sometimes feel like a stretch to invest in yourself. Especially when you know a big transformation is likely to happen by the end of a program. I’m offering to have 15 minute phone calls for anyone who’s interested to make sure that this is the best investment for you. 

This call is 100% free and you’ll get some coaching from me along the way. This call is  a chance for us to get to know eachother and make sure this program is for you. 

Book a call with me


Benefits of practicing embodied
breathwork regularly

Connects you to your feminine essence

Regulates your nervous system 




You begin to see what needs to be seen (aka the things that aren’t working in your life) and feel confident to make embodied shifts in your life.

Six Flirtatious modules







Body love

intro to pleasure

Opening your heart

Opening to love

partner play


Every month, we’ll feel into a topic for your pleasure. The breathwork sessions and homeplay will align with each week’s topic. This could be journal prompts or activities to bring you into a deeper relationship with your pleasure, sex, heart and pussy.

I believe that the first step in cultivating a good sex life is setting the mood with yourself. This comes through self love. During this first module, you’ll dive into loving all parts of yourself. You have homeplay between our gatherings to practice this love and feel it as it lives within your body.

Pleasure begins with you, for you. So this module is all about you and your beautiful pussy. You’re getting to know her very intimately. You’ll read a book and have book club discussions about it and use the exercises and homeplay to continue to feel comfortable in your body as you are. Learn how to flirt with your life and be fucking delicious so that your partner is magnetized to you.

Maybe you've been hurt, we’ve all likely been through a breakup whether it was long ago or recent, that energy still lives within so you’ll dive into those stories, move through your grief and lean into forgiveness after taking responsibility for your relationship. I know that you don’t want your next relationship to be similar to your old one(s). And if you’re already partnered, you’re ready for the next iteration with your lover.

You desire to live your life with an open heart. Or maybe you’re wondering what this even means but you think it sounds right. It means staying connected to your truth no matter what. Our truth and desires live within our heart and during the practices during this module, you’ll connect deeply to your intuition and heart.

You have needs and desires during sex, how confident do you feel in asking for them? By the end of this module, you’ll be clear on your boundaries and you’ll know some of your hard yes’ and no’s when it comes to intimacy. You’ll also feel confident in speaking up for your needs. Another question you’ll answer is what kind of a relationship do you want? Who are you dating? Do you desire monogamy or ethical non-monogamy? There are so many different ways to have a relationship and you’ll dive into what that means/looks like for you.

Whips and chains, handcuffs and so much more. What really gets you going or turns you on? It’s not just about BDSM, almost anything can be a kink and you’ll find out which kinks you're into so that you can effectively share them with your partner(s) when you’re ready.

6 months of support - May - October 2023.

We gather 3x/month for 2 hours each gathering
Group chat on Telegram (a messaging app) for support between sessions.

Access to all past playshops and any other offerings hosted during the 6 months of support.

A resource sheet with book lists, playlists, our recorded gatherings, documentaries + tv to watch.

Opportunity for “hot seat” coaching during gatherings

What's included: 

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let's go

Payment plans available. Email Missy ( to enquire or schedule a call here.  

Do I have to be single to join this program?

No, this is for those women who are seeking their own expansion with or without a partner. This program is about committing to yourself first and keeping your heart open to other people when the time arises.


Why are group programs so special?

Not only do you get feedback from the facilitator, you also get to hear the stories of other women who share their experiences. It’s just as healing to listen and witness someone else’s story as it is when you share and are witnessed in your story. You also get a community of support through our group chat on Telegram where you can pose questions, share insights and get support from everyone in the group including me!

What can I expect to experience within the group gatherings?

The gatherings are 2 hours 3x/month. We’ll do a combination of check ins (10-15 mins), discussions (30 -45 mins), hot seat coaching (35-50 mins) and embodied breathwork (30 - 45 mins). The breathwork experience is typically 35 - 45 minutes where I guide you through a meditation on the topic of the day. I always leave about 15 minutes at the end of each session for a sharing, where group members share anything that came up in the breathwork or throughout the session of the day. 

What is embodied breathwork?

If you’ve never done breathwork with me, I teach two different kinds of breath patterns. One is called Holotropic breathwork and it’s a 3 part breath all in and out of the mouth, with two inhales and one exhale. The other is an inhale through the nose allowing your belly to balloon out and exhaling out of your mouth. With the second pattern, we will also add in sound and sometimes movement which allows you  to tune into your body. I will guide you through it and let you know when it’s time to move or make more sounds. 

What is “hot seat” coaching?

Hot seat coaching is when you bring a question or situation to the group, during our gatherings and we work through it together. I may have you do some embodiment to process what’s coming up. You’ll dive deeper into the energetics of it all while being witnessed by the group. The other members of the group are actively engaged in our activities and maybe even gleaning some insight of their own.

What if I’m unable to join a group call?

We decide on a day and time that works for all of us as a group on our kick off gathering on Sunday, January 29. While it would be ideal if you could make every gathering, I totally get it that life happens. I request that you let me know ASAP via text or telegram as soon as you know you’re unable to join. I upload the recording to a resource document immediately following our gatherings and you can watch it at your leisure. I also upload the homeplay there as well. I ask that you watch the replay prior to the next session.

What are the benefits of doing healing work in groups?

You begin to feel less alone because everyone has a story to share. In this group in particular, everyone is moving through heartbreak and will be sharing vulnerably without judgment. We create a brave space together through this work so that healing takes place. TBH - I’ve had the most transformative experiences of my life while in group programs which is why I continue to invest in them for myself as well.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. After you sign up, you’re sent a contract to sign that outlines the policy in detail. I ask that all clients honor the policy.