I know you, my love. You’re ready.
Ready to expand into feeling more pleasure..
Ready to face your shadow parts
You’re ready to make love to all of you.
To unmask and get raw to feel the truth in your heart and pussy
You desire 1:1 support with transformational coaching and embodied breathwork
You’re ready to become the sexy vixen of your dreams!
If you thought, “f*ck yes!” to any of the statements above, Vixen is for you! 

A 90 day 1:1 embodied pleasure exploration into the depths of you


When you feel sexy af and alive you become magnetic to your heart’s desires!

For the woman who Desires...

To lead with her heart 

TO trust and listen to her pussy's wisdom 

To use breath and movement to heal 

TO be in her embodied, delicious, sexy energy daily 

An embodied dating or sex life experience 

To step into her power 

FOr the woman who's ready to: 

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mindfully date, so that you can leave the fuckboys on the dating apps and call in the partner of your dreams!

embody your delicious, sexy af energy every day, so that you become a magnet for all of your desires.

have a major f*cking transformation, bc you're done playing small and settling for less. The transformational coaching we do here is deep!

build a relationship with your pussy and heart, so that you can be in alignment with your beautiful body making heart led decisions by listening to your body.

Create habits or rituals that align with your desires and goals so that you can feel organized and know with certainty the next best course of action.

release shame around sex and sexuality, so that you can be unapologetic about asking for your desires and feel confident acting them out, solo or partnered.

Allow me to introduce myself

Hey babe, it’s Missy! I support independent women healing heartbreak through pleasure, breath and embodiment so that they can lean into pleasure and find the courage to live a free, authentic life. I went through training for breathwork and energy healing at the beginning of 2020 and have been working with clients since then. 

My love affair with breathwork began in 2018, when I devoted myself to the practice after attending a group session at a wellness conference. Since then my entire life has changed. In 2020, I had one of the most challenging times of my life: I filed for divorce. It was because of my breathwork training, continual self practice AND the fact that I began to cultivate community around healing, that I found the courage to listen to my heart and leave a marriage that hadn’t been working for years (maybe you can relate). In 2021 I began feminine embodiment work, studying pleasure and opening my heart to love in all facets. 

because of embodied breathwork practice: 

I realized my marriage wasn’t working and that I deserved more. So I filed for divorce and now have been happily divorced since March 2021.

I realized my 9-5 was out of alignment with my goals and dreams. So I quit my 9-5, a 10 year career, in May 2021 to be a full time entrepreneur. 

I realized that alcohol was no longer serving me. So I quit drinking in August of 2019.
I began having heart centered awkward conversations with loved ones which brought us into closer, more connected relationships.

I decided it was time to leave LA, sell almost everything that I owned to nomad around the country for 6 months with my two dogs from May - Nov. 2022.

Client love...

If you’re an independent, busy, professional, heart-led woman who’s ready to mindfully date, take ownership of your sex life, feel pleasure every day and embody your innate sexual nature, this program is for you! 

The details

What you get: 

90 days of support

3, 60 minute embodied breathwork sessions (one per month)

Telegram text and voice note coaching between sessions 

Access to a resource library full of recorded embodied breathwork sessions, book recommendations, playlists, journal prompts etc. 

Exchange $750 per month or $2000 pay in full

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Benefits of practicing embodied
breathwork regularly

Connects you to your true essence

Regulates your nervous system 

You begin to feel the love that lives within you


Moves you from a mind to a body connection 

Gives you the courage to make embodied changes in your life

What to expect 

During your embodied breathwork sessions, you will lay down and Missy will facilitate a meditation with breathwork using feminine embodiment techniques for you focusing on the intention you set.. The meditation is typically 30-45 minutes. Then you journal, grab water and talk with Missy about next steps and integration between sessions.

You’ll also have access to Missy via voice note coaching between calls. Missy encourages clients to check in with her daily via an App called Telegram, to share how the integration is going between sessions, to ask questions or get clarity on life situations. 

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