I know from personal experience how challenging a divorce or going through an intense breakup can be. Whether you were broken up with or if you broke up with someone, you go through a range of emotions.You might feel sad, angry, grief, resentment, or excitement that it’s over, all within the same hour. I know I felt like that in 2020 when I filed for divorce!

Your body holds all of these emotions until you give them the opportunity to move through and out of your body. This means, the energy or the patterns of behavior that could have contributed to the relationship ending, might be stuck in your body. And if you don’t allow that energy to move out of the body, you’ll likely perpetuate these patterns in your next relationship. And if you’re like me, this is something that you do NOT want to happen. Because you’re calling in a big love or you're craving sacred single time to fall more deeply in love with yourself. 

I know just how stressful divorce can be. I know that when my ex husband moved out, I was a mess. I cried constantly. I felt lonely after years of living with someone and then living alone. When I filed for divorce, it was the hardest thing I’d ever done. And even though it was hard, my decision was rooted in my body’s knowing that I needed to leave that relationship. 

Embodied breathwork experience bundle






Within the bundle you receive 4 embodied breathwork experiences

Snuggle in close to your heart to feel what’s really there. Releasing any “shoulds” about your next step, to actually feel what’s true for you. This is an intimate practice between you and your heart. 

Grab your pillow, couch cushion and scream your little heart out. Throw a tantrum like a toddler to feel the anger that might be festering inside you holding you back from your dreams and let that shit OUT! 

A gentle practice to connect you to the infinite wisdom that lives within you. Maybe you’ve felt disconnected from your body in the past and desire to feel again, this practice will help you get there! 

There’s a part of you that longs to be desired. How does this version of you carry herself? How does she move through life? Through this practice you’ll tap into the energy of your sexiness and embody the “hot girl energy” of your life!

By purchasing this bundle, you’ll have access to these playshops forever! You’ll also receive a recording of how to start your Embodied Breathwork practice, why it’s important and how it helps you live your most authentic, embodied, heart centered life! 


A sense of freedom in your body without the anger or less anger toward your ex or situation.

More at home in your body which allows you to trust your intuition and inner knowing. 

THe ability to embody your deliciousness and your confidence to feel sexy

Able to notice and be with your anger while feeling it in your body and release it safely

A bit of forgiveness toward your ex which gives you the courage to move on from your marriage or intense breakup.

An open heart because you know that eventually you desire to let love back into your life and you want to believe that you’ll find someone great.



forgiveness toward yourself for your responsibility in your breakup because you know that you don’t want to bring your old patterns of behavior into a new partnership.

If you’re here, reading this, I know you desire embodied shifts. You long to feel your feelings. You crave to notice when you’re embodying old stories so that you can shift them into something more loving. 

You might feel angry about your breakup or divorce. 
You might feel resentment toward your ex or toward yourself for staying in an unhealthy situation for too long. 
There might be so many emotions living in your body that you don’t know how to start releasing them. 

You will be able to create more space in your Body and heart to give and recieve more love to yourself and others

Conscious Emotional Release is when you use music or prompts by a facilitator (like me) to bring forward emotions you desire to feel and release. You lean into the feeling, like anger, by screaming either out loud or into a pillow or you punch a pillow or throw a tantrum like a toddler, or you stomp around your room or you just yell as if you’re yelling at the person who you’ve been hurt by. And when you act this out through the body and really feel the emotion rising, suddenly the anger takes over and you can feel it as though your ex was right there. This is the embodiment piece of the puzzle. 

You embody the anger to show yourself that the energy can move. That you don’t have to feel resentment, anger or frustration toward your ex anymore because maybe you’re ready to forgive or maybe you’re ready to move on, to open your heart to love again sometime soon.

This is important because it releases that stored anger which allows you to feel free of the resentment, hurt, frustration or annoyance you might be feeling toward your ex spouse. 

And if you’re still here, the time is now to get in on this embodied breathwork experience bundle. 

You might be wondering what conscious emotional release or embodiment is