A 12 week group experience to heal your heart and ignite the love within you. For the woman who’s ready to heal her heartbreak, connect to love within her, strengthen her intuition + connect with a loving community.  


A 90 day 1:1 reclamation of pleasure and freedom. For the woman, healing her heartbreak, ready to (re)discover her deepest desires and greatest self expression.


A 90 day 1:1 journey into your sexual desires! For the single woman who’s ready to mindfully date, have the sex life of her dreams while staying connected to her heart and pussy, through embodied breathwork and transformational coaching.

client love

Anger is such a seldom expressed emotion, especially amongst women. So an event like this, where you guided us to very safely express a full range of emotions, including anger, was so cathartic. I loved the embodiment aspect as much as I loved how you framed the event and all of the information you provided before the activities even began. And lastly, the breath work and energy healing part of the event was so powerful. It's amazing how much energy that healing practice can move!

-ariana, 1:1 virtual client

Before watching the recording I didn't know how much anger I truly had built up. Stored deep down. Turns out I had a lot! Tears, stomping, yelling, dancing, anything my body needed I let happen. I gave to my body what it called for and asked for. I felt a sense of ease and opening after the session. I have been working through a lot within my family system and the anger from that was brought to the surface. Thank you for the absolute beautiful container that you created and held!

-melanie, recorded virtual session

I walked away from our session with so much clarity. I was able to let go of shame, guilt, and insecurity I’ve been holding onto for months. Missy guided me into deep presence where I felt so much safety and love. I’m so grateful I was able to feel that security in the space Missy held for me!

-ariana, virtual 1:1 client

Thank you, Missy. A truly grounding and healing afternoon. Thank you for the activities and meditations you planned. I appreciated how everyone was so open and real. I definitely feel like I walked away with strength and techniques I can use in the weeks ahead.

-anonymous, group healing grounding session


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