Phoenix is a 90 day reclamation of pleasure and freedom, for the woman, healing her heartbreak, ready to (re)discover her deepest desires and greatest self expression.

This reclamation is a rebirth of sorts. You may have been through a recent breakup or maybe there's one lingering from many years ago - the body holds on to all of that hurt/frustration. Now is the time to move that energy and reclaim your power!

You're shedding the old and stepping into the new. You're rising from the ashes stronger, more connected than ever.



For the woman who
Longs to connect to...

her body 

Her fierceness 

her devotion to herself 

Her spiritual practice 

her pleasure 


her heart 

her wildness 

her aliveness 

her tenderness 

her softness 

Babe, I know if you’re here, reading this, you’re ready to prioritize YOU! You're ready to unleash and embody your feminine essence through breath, sound and movement.You may not even be sure what that looks like but you can feel the truth of it within your body. And that’s your connection to your body strengthening already. You’re ready to say goodbye to your old patterns and beliefs so that you can step into your true self attracting everything you desire like a magnet!

set amazing, heart felt boundaries so that you can prioritize your needs.

release your people pleasing "good girl" tendencies and speak up for what you desire

have tangible practices that bring you back to your body so that you can make embodied decisions that really feel good.

allow yourself to be vulnerable with your loved ones so that your relationships improve (intimate relationship, family, friends and at work).

feel more aligned with the work that you do so that you can avoid burn out.


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"Showing up for myself in the safe space that missy offers has been so transformational for me. I've connected with a part of myself I didn't know how to reach before." 

1:1, 90 day program via Zoom

6, 75 minute 1:1 embodied breathwork sessions tailored to your specific needs (2x/month)

Daily coaching from Missy via Telegram between sessions

Access to any playshops or experiences hosted

Access to the recordings of your sessions, book recs, playlists, documentary recommendations and past playshops in a resource library

Homeplay including journal prompts or practices between sessions

The intimate details :

This is a program that transforms the lives of the women who join. If you're ready for embodied shifts in all areas of your life, loving support and more pleasure/feeling good, this is the right program for you!




First 30 days: Connecting to your heart 

Second 30 days: Connecting to your desires

Last 3o days: Embodying the essence of you


  • Releasing Anger 
  • Moving through Forgiveness 
  • Taking responsibility

  • Your desires
  • Holding the vision
  • Aligning with the feminine 

  • Date and fall in love with yourself  
  • You are worthy and inviting 
  • BE the goddess 

*subject to change - these modules are customizable based on your desires.*

Hey babe, It's Missy! 

I support you to heal your heartbreak, ignite your wild heart, lean into pleasure and find the courage to live a free, authentic life. Throughout my life, and within the last few years especially, I’ve gone through massive heartbreaks that have completely changed my life. My desire, when we work together, is to see all parts of you and give you the space for your healing through the use of breathwork, embodiment, pleasure and energy to help you live your most authentic, dreamy life! I’ve been facilitating this work since 2020 and have been in my own deep practice of breathwork and transformation since 2018.

I am the embodied teacher who practices what she preaches. If we’re talking through your morning routine, I’m also devoted to creating and maintaining an uplifting morning routine. I’m in my practice a few days a week so that I can continue to hold you in your successes and your challenges. I’m here for you in all ways for 12 weeks (or more!) that we work together.

When you and I have sessions together there will be a mixture of mind and body work . We’ll talk about the topic/ module and then we move through an embodied breathwork session to allow the energy of the feeling of that topic to move through your body and clear anything that might be getting in the way of your freedom and pleasure. 

In the summer of 2020, I ended a marriage. After that, I began to explore my pleasure and sexuality, something that had been severely stifled during my marriage, maybe you can relate. 

Unlike other intimacy/ pleasure mentors, the goal of my programs (both my 1:1 and group program) is NOT to find you your next partner (altho, it can happen as your heart begins to open). The intention behind our work together is to bring you into a closer relationship with yourself. Dive deep into your heart’s desires so that when you’re ready to connect with another person, in partnership, you can be unwavering in your desires and deepest longings. You’ll feel so rooted in the core essence of YOU that you’ll find a partner who will rise with you, when you’re ready to find one. 

I’m the coach who encourages you to be single for a while after your divorce or intense breakup. I broke up with my ex-husband in the summer of 2020, and it took me 2.5 years of being single to feel like I’m ready to find my next love. Or at least to start pursuing dating with the intention of a relationship. I’ve always had this cycle after a breakup and it’s allowed me to be in my own energy, even when I dated and got my needs met 😉, and that brought me closer to myself that now when I do start dating someone special, I feel solid in the essence of me. And this is what I want for YOU.

You can rise, babe. Let's do it together!

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